Solutions for Nonprofits

We help nonprofit organizations unlock their full potential and deliver their mission with maximum impact, using innovative approaches and purpose-built technology.

Impact Measurement

Define your North Star

Get clear on the positive impact you want to achieve, how you plan to achieve it, and how you'll measure progress.

Data Optimization

Own your Numbers

Collect, analyze, and measure impact data to understand the outcomes being driven by your work and simplify reporting.

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Use Data for Good

Use insights to maximize outcomes, attract additional funding, and inspire others with your story of impact.

Measure & Maximize your Impact

Viewing technology as an ally to maximize your mission is the new normal. 

Our user-friendly platform makes impact measurement simple and affordable for nonprofits. Easily collect and manage qualitative and quantitative data in one central location, build dashboards that display your data in a range of engaging and insightful ways, and bring to life the difference you make to tell an impact story that drives funders and donors to act.

Build an impact framework that maps your Mission to Key Impact Indicators (KIIs).
Collect and centralize essential data from multiple sources.
Identify critical trends for data-driven decisioning.
Tell the story of your impact, backed by data.
Visualize your data in ways that make it actionable.
Streamline impact reporting for internal and external stakeholders.
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Build an Impact Framework for Free!

Impact Framework Builder has officially launched!

Register for our free Starter Plan to begin defining an Impact Framework for your organization.

IMM Suite Plans & Pricing for Nonprofits

Upgrade to our full IMM Suite to unlock the full Define, Collect, Analyze and Leverage functionality within UpMetrics.

We offer a range of product plans designed to meet the distinct needs of nonprofits, regardless of their size. Whether you're a grassroots organization or a nationally recognized nonprofit, our adaptable solutions are tailored to empower your mission. 

How we Partner with Nonprofits

Capacity-Building Cohorts

Our cohort model is an innovative way for nonprofit grantees, who are funded by foundations, to leverage data, technology, and community to learn, measure and evaluate towards systems change.

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Direct Partnership

By partnering with us directly, your team will receive UpMetrics platform access, a dedicated project team, and tailored services that quickly get you up and running.
Case Study

How Thrive Chicago is Leveraging Data to Optimize the Impact of their Nonprofit Network

"The UpMetrics team's ability to coach organizations in developing relevant and measurable KPIs, in conjunction with the functionality of the UpMetrics dashboards, have been indispensable in facilitating data accessibility for cross-functional teams."

- Jessica Dargiel, Data and Learning Manager at Thrive Chicago


Thrive Chicago Case Study
Case Study

How ICU Baby is using data to increase fundraising, improve critical programs, and communicate their story

"I think of my UpMetrics system as Oz where I can just go onto my system and literally see feedback on the impact we're having. I am going to be able to do so much more for our community with access to these numbers. The dashboards and ease of accessibility to the data is so impressive."

- Beth Simon, CEO at ICU Baby


People who do good work
deserve the best tools.

UpMetrics empowers Nonprofits around the world to maximize and accelerate their impact.

Are you ready to get started with impact measurement and management?

Resources to Help You Get Started

Visit our Resources Page to discover how to keep your data strategies on track,
the latest trends in impact measurement, and to gain inspiration from your peers.
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Impact Framework Library - High-Quality Examples That Show How Various Organizations Are Measuring Impact
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