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General Information

What exactly is UpMetrics?

UpMetrics is a cloud-based impact measurement and management platform that you can access on any device. 

The platform has been purposefully built to help mission-driven organizations easily design Impact Frameworks, which enables them to operationalize and communicate to others how they're driving impact.

The platform also allows them to collect and analyze data to understand how they're performing against the impact goals they've outlined in their Framework, which enables continuous improvement, increased funding, and many other benefits.

How can I measure impact?

To measure impact simply requires a commitment to setting goals and then collecting and analyzing data. The best way to approach impact measurement is to establish an impact framework, which will help you to define how you’re thinking about impact tied to your mission/vision (who you’re helping, why, how, etc), as well as understand what data you need to collect to evaluate and demonstrate impact

At UpMetrics, we follow the DeCAL methodology (Define, Collect, Analyze, Leverage) for impact measurement.

Click here for more information about DeCAL and our Impact Measurement Methodology

What types of organizations do you work with?

UpMetrics works with impact organizations across the public, private and social sectors. Who qualifies as an "impact organization"? Anyone looking to set key performance indicators and track their progress towards those goals.

Our customers are most-commonly nonprofits, foundations, or organizations engaged in impact investing, but we also support for-profit organizations that are looking to track progress towards DEI goals or CSR initiatives.

Who are some of UpMetrics' competitors?

Most of our clients have only worked with spreadsheets before coming to us. Because the UpMetrics platform covers data collection and reporting, Excel and Google Sheets would be considered alternative products. However, the UpMetrics platform also offers data visualization tools that may be compared to a tool like Tableau. Learn more about our competitors and see how our comprehensive solution covers use cases across multiple competitive product categories with reviews from Capterra.

What if I'm new to Impact Measurement and need supporting services?

When you purchase the platform, your organization will receive standard onboarding, with the option to purchase Managed Services at an additional cost. 

Learn more about our Managed Services offerings.

What does UpMetrics cost?

We scale pricing by organization type and size, as well as the number of data tables and dashboards you need.

Nonprofits, schools, and other organizations that provide services to end-beneficiaries can click here to check out our plans and pricing for Impact Producers.

Foundations and Impact Investors can click here to check out our plans for Impact Funders.

Where is your team located?

Our team is primarily U.S. based and headquartered in San Francisco. However, we are a fully-remote company which means our team is based all across the US, and we have one employee located in Canada.

Privacy and Security

How is security baked into your product?

Our products are built on enterprise-grade technology, and employ a variety of features to help you protect your data. Access to personal data is only granted to authorized users, and users have control over what they share. UpMetrics allows groups to coordinate activities and support each other in a totally closed and safe environment.

For more information, visit our privacy and security page.

How do you continuously evolve your security/privacy practices?

We’re constantly strengthening our ability to protect your data by providing regular training to our staff, monitoring key systems for abnormalities, and employing experts to advise us on the legal issues that we and our partners face.

Do you sell our data?

Product Information

What integrations are supported by UpMetrics?

Currently, the UpMetrics platform integrates with Google Sheets, Salesforce, Survey Monkey and Qualtrics.

What kinds of public data are available in the platform?
You can build dashboards using the most recent census data, data on income and the labor market, and demographic data. 

What servers do you use and where are your servers located?

UpMetrics leverages the secure and reliable network provided by Amazon Web Services' (AWS). All of our AWS servers are located within the United States.

Do I need existing data to take advantage of the platform?

You do need data to fuel the platform’s dashboards and analytic tools, but don’t worry if you don’t currently have much to work with. The platform has a feature called the Data Collector that makes it very easy for you to start collecting the data you’ve identified as important in your logic model. Collect information right in the platform with this survey tool, then start your analysis as dashboards update automatically with new data.

What if my data currently lives in different places?

Many sources of data often result in frustration, and a reduced amount of time performing the deep analysis that can lead to optimal decision making. With the UpMetrics platform, you have one centralized library of data and information. Integrations connect all of your data sources to one hub, and dashboards can incorporate data from across sources in a single view.

What are some ways I can collect data?

Survey tools, like the Data Collector, are a great way to collect data from events or from contacts for whom you have email information. Put out surveys digitally as well - on your website and social media channels. Finally, though it is more expensive, mailed surveys can be worth it if you’re looking to collect additional, detailed information from a very targeted group.

Don’t forget about the abundance of data that is already available to you, as well! This includes data collected by your peers, and publicly reported data. Both can be added to the platform with the data you collect - deepening the level of  insight you can achieve around your impact.

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