About UpMetrics


Nice to Meet You! We're UpMetrics!

We believe in data driven storytelling to activate change makers around the world.

At UpMetrics, we believe that data has the power to create lasting and impactful social change only when impact-seekers have access to it, can derive insights from it, and are empowered to act on it.

That’s why we’ve purpose-built an analytics platform that connects the impact ecosystem and elevates the way it uses data for good.

We are a competitive, passionate, and fast-growing team, and many of us are former educators, nonprofit administrators, funders, and parents. Because we’ve been in those positions before, we’re committed to helping those same people with our platform and services today and into the future.

In addition to our monthly All Hands meetings and Client Spotlights, recurring department meetings, weekly manager or team 1:1s, and ad hoc brainstorming sessions, we set aside time to have fun and are committed to building relationships with one another and maintaining connectivity across our individual home "offices." You'll find us swapping creative GIFs in our numerous Slack channels, participating in a variety of virtual team bonding activities, such as an online company week, cocktail mixers, game nights, and Donut chats, and jamming out to music on random Fridays, courtesy of our team's resident DJ. If we're lucky enough to all be in the one place, our local MeetUPs include team meals, happy hours, and other activities.

Above all, we enjoy working here because we feel a common sense of mission to empower our impact partners to do more good.



UpMetrics Values

Our company values influence everything we do, from our work inside the office to how we choose our partners.


Team First

Team First

Collaboration is key. We support each other, respect each other's strengths, varying backgrounds and views. We value everyone's input.
Client Focused Icon

Client Focused

Client Focused

Our work is personal. Many of us have direct experience working in the field and are deeply passionate about what we do. We take a partner approach with all our clients.
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Show Integrity

Show Integrity

We are open, honest, ethical, and fair. We expect integrity from the team internally and the people we choose to partner with. ​​
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Reflect & Improve

Reflect & Improve

We are a data company always looking to get better. We test often, iterate, and look closely at metrics to build capacity and inform decisions.
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Let's Go!

Let's Go!

To create positive change, we never settle. In uncharted territory, we embrace challenges as opportunities, take ownership, and strive for excellence. 
The History of UpMetrics

Driven by Data For Good

Born out of a family foundation ourselves, UpMetrics is made for and by individuals who are truly passionate and knowledgeable about technology and the social sector. While the journey to building a values-driven company is never easy, we're proud of all the moments of growth we've experienced over the years, and are excited to be part of the future of impact measurement!

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Why We Love Working Here

Our clients are truly interesting and impactful organizations, from small, community-based nonprofits to large foundations or impact investors deploying millions in capital annually. They offer such a diverse range of things to sink your teeth into. You layer on top of that a team with such a diverse set of professional backgrounds, with a deep mutual respect for one another, and it's something to be proud of.

At UpMetrics, there is an intentional effort to build the company the right way. Our values are the foundation, and they tie to a clear company focus. I'll focus on Team First—the willingness to collaborate and support teammates so that we can maximize our ability to positively serve our clients is second to none.

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