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Discussing the key challenges facing the social sector today and how technology and data can be used to overcome them.

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On the Up and Up is brought to you by UpMetrics, the analytics platform for impact-driven organizations. UpMetrics empowers its partners to collect, analyze and share data to foster learning and drive greater impact. By blending quantitative data with qualitative insights, powered by our tech and team, UpMetrics is elevating the impact ecosystem and connecting organizations in their pursuit of lasting change.

Series 1: Data Non-Negotiables for Impact Investors

In this series, hosts and partners-in-impact Kyle Lukianuk (Managing Director) and Maureen "Mo" Coleman (Managing Director) are joined by impact investing leaders as they discuss challenges and opportunities faced by the sector right now. Tune in every other Thursday for a new episode!

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Episode Description Resources from the Episode
▶️ ​ [Ep 00] Aug. 18, 2022: Introduction Mo and Kyle introduce themselves and set expectations for the series; Kyle interviews Mo about her blog; Mo's biggest pet peeve is... what? (Also, hello to Kyle's mom!)
▶️ ​ [Ep 01] Sep. 8, 2022: Emma Sissman, SJF Ventures Kyle quizzes Mo on UpMetrics' team values, and then they're joined by Emma Sissman of SJF Ventures to talk about the value of data measurement in impact investing. 
 ▶️ ​ [Ep 02] Sep. 22, 2022: Will Morgan, Sonen Capital  Mo and Kyle talk about the upcoming school year (for Mo's kids) and conference season (for them!), and then they're joined by impact investing pioneer Will Morgan from Sonen Capital.
 ▶️ [Ep 03]: Oct. 6, 2022: Ash Das, Clear Vision Impact Fund
Mo asks Kyle about his recent trip to NYC; they then welcome Ash Das to chat about her work as VP at Clear Vision Impact Fund. 
​ ▶️ ​[Ep 04]: Oct. 20, 2022: Priya Parrish, Impact Engine Mo and Kyle talk about the great city of Chicago, once the residence for our special guest Priya Parrish of Impact Engine, who joins them later in the episode. 
​ ▶️ ​[Ep 05]: Nov. 3, 2022: Spencer MacColl, Kiva Kyle and Mo talk about life and enneagrams (does it surprise anyone that they're both 3s?), and then they're joined by Spencer MacColl, Director of Impact at Kiva.
 ▶️ ​[BONUS]: Nov. 10, 2022: SOCAP Recap Surprise! For this bonus minisode, Kyle and Mo spend a few minutes to recap the most recent conference season, specifically key impact investing themes that came out of SOCAP. 
 ▶️ Ep 06]: Dec. 1, 2022: Marc Moser, Lightrock Kyle and Mo recount how things have been going in their lives post-conference season. Then they talk with Dr. Marc Moser, Chief of Impact at Lightrock, about IMM (impact management & measurement) in the European and global scale.
 ▶️ [Ep 07]: Dec. 22, 2022: Joanna Kuang, Illumen Capital Happy Holidays from the On the Up & Up team! For our final episode of the year, Kyle and Mo are joined by Joanna Kuang, VP of Product and Impact at Illumen Capital. They talk about the favorite activities she's been busying herself with in her personal life, and then her deep passion for racial and social justice in the impact investment space. 

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