Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at UpMetrics



Our People

Representation of unique backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and identities. 



Our Policies and Practices

All individuals have fair access, opportunity, and advancement.



Our Workplace, Culture, and Voices

All individuals feel welcomed, valued, respected, and psychologically safe.

Drew quote on DEI

We believe our diversity is a key element of our strength

UpMetrics' mission is to empower the social sector to leverage their data to measure and maximize their impact. We believe that this work will ultimately help to match capital to high impact opportunities, and in doing so, level the playing field for equitable access to funding. We recognize that we cannot facilitate sustainable change within our communities if we as a company are devoid of diverse perspectives and leadership. Therefore, our values and mission statement are not only a mantra, but a call to action to embody the change we wish to see, starting first within our own company.

Our DEI Policies
  • We are dedicated to building and fostering a diverse team for all employees to feel included and empowered to be themselves.
  • We seek to amplify and protect the voices within our company so that all employees feel valued and respected.
  • We are committed to hiring talent and promoting teammates who reflect our diverse communities and partners.
  • We believe we can do a better service in the world if the ‘world’ is represented in our boardroom, team, and partnerships.
  • While we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion is inherent in our work, we know that we must always do more.

On top of this, our internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has been designed to allow UpMetrics team members from across the company to inform, inspire and activate in an effort to build a stronger, more vibrant workplace culture.

To request more information about our efforts to practice diversity, equity and inclusion, please contact us.

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