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How UpMetrics Works

Measure, Maximize, and Communicate
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Impact Measurement Strategy

Easily design and manage impact frameworks to measure performance across impact themes.

Data Collection & Management
Data Collection & Management

Streamline data capture and management with powerful tools and integrations that centralize data in one place.

Real-Time Analytics & Benchmarking
Real-Time Analytics & Benchmarking

Track outcomes and make data-driven decisions with user-friendly dashboards that update in real-time.

Streamlined Reporting & Sharing
Streamlined Reporting & Sharing

Data visualizations simplify reporting and make it easy to demonstrate and share your story of impact.

Impact Framework Builder

Define your North Star to measure performance and reach your goals faster

Our Impact Framework Builder makes it easy to align your mission and theory of change with the Key Impact Indicators you'll track to measure your progress towards your goals.

Don't know where to start? Our guided process, pre-built templates, and KII library make it easy to select the right datapoints to collect to support your impact goals.

Already have a framework defined? Our platform is flexible and can support a number of different measurement methodologies. 


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Collect data and centralize from multiple sources
Data Collector & Integrations

Collect and manage data from multiple sources in one place

With UpMetrics easy-to-use Data Collector tool, you can deploy mobile-friendly surveys from within the platform that will update data dashboards in real-time.

No matter where your data lives currently, UpMetrics allows you to import data from multiple locations and manage it within the platform. Leverage integrations with Salesforce, Survey Monkey, Google Sheets, and more to streamline data collection across your organization.

By centralizing previously-siloed data into one location you create a single source of truth, saving time and eliminating unnecessary complexity and data duplication.

Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Visualize data to understand your impact and identify ways to maximize outcomes

UpMetrics makes it easy for everyone in your organization to measure impact and gather insights using a variety of visualization options, including tables, charts, and geo-mapping tools.

Our flexible data visualization tools were designed specifically with impact organizations in mind, so you can understand what your data is telling you and make informed decisions.

Analyze data and visualize impact
Tell compelling stories that drive impact
Qualitative Story Collection

Paint a complete picture of your impact that goes beyond numbers

Telling your story should be more than just numbers. Supporters and stakeholders want to understand the transformative work you are doing on the ground level of your organization. Collect anecdotes, articles, testimonials, photos, and more, and share with easy-to-use tools to capture your complete story.


Goal Tracking & Reporting

Streamline reporting and share ongoing progress towards goals

The UpMetrics platform allows you to show others the impact you are making over time. Set and track ongoing progress towards goals, align stories and other qualitative data to goals to add context to your data, and share updates in real-time to keep your stakeholders up to date.


Share ongoing progress towards goals
Sharable Widgets & Dashboards

Effectively tell your story of impact to drive action and engagement

With UpMetrics sharing tools, you can streamline reporting to show donors, investors, or stakeholders the impact you are making. Track ongoing progress towards goals and provide ongoing updates in real-time via shareable data dashboards.


Platform Overview

UpMetrics helps mission-driven organizations use data to drive accelerated social and environmental change.

Download our platform overview one-pager to learn more. 

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UpMetrics empowers mission-driven organizations around the world to maximize and accelerate their impact.

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