Impact Learning Collectives

We're bringing together organizations with similar impact goals to share ideas, collaborate on effective solutions, and measure progress towards systems-level change.

Enabling meaningful collaboration

Impact Learning Collectives (ILCs) are an innovative and dynamic approach to learning and collaboration, offered exclusively to UpMetrics Customers - free of charge!

ILCs bring together UpMetrics clients from across the nation that are dedicated to making a positive impact within similar impact focus areas, and provide the opportunity for them to connect and share ideas, collaborate on effective solutions, discuss "best in class" approaches to impact, and collectively measure their progress towards achieving systems-level change.

Connect with likeminded impact-makers from across the nation.
Share insights - What's working for you, what's not, and how you plan to improve.
Work collaboratively with other organizations to design more effective solutions.
Get inspired by peers and other thought leaders driving positive change.
How We Do It

What to Expect from an Impact Learning Collective


to Drive Change

Drive meaningful change by working collaboratively with other organizations that share your focus of broader and more sustainable impact.


Learning &
Knowledge Sharing

Engage in collective knowledge sharing and learning, benefiting from the wisdom and experience of a diverse group of mission-driven peers.


& Inspiration

ILCs meet quarterly for virtual learning and inspiration sessions, but will be connected year-round via an UpMetrics-facilitated collaboration forum on Slack.

Want to know more?
Watch the on-demand replay from our recent ILC Info Session webinar here.

Impact Learning Collective Themes for 2024

Theme - BiPOC Entrepreneurship

Empowering BIPOC
Communities & Entrepreneurs

This Learning Collective looks to connect and empower organizations that are focused on helping BIPOC entrepreneurs to build sustainable wealth in their communities through entrepreneurial opportunities, or through access to investments, resources, and knowledge.

Next Session:
June 2024 TBD
Theme - Healthy Communities

Fostering Healthy

This Learning Collective connects organizations that are focused on helping communities to create more vibrant, active places through their built environments or to provide resources and programs that encourage healthier, happier lifestyles.

Next Session:
June 2024 TBD
Theme - Education-1

Education &
Youth Development

This Learning Collective connects organizations that are focused on helping youth reach their full potential by providing academic, financial, social, or one-on-one supports that help youth access education or engage in intentional, productive, and constructive ways.

Next Session:
May 29th at 11am PT (2pm ET)
Theme - Workforce Development

Workforce Development
& Sustainable Employment

This Learning Collective connects organizations that are focused on providing individuals with resources and training to develop skills for employment, connecting individuals with employers, and properly preparing them for the future of work.

Next Session:
May 22 at 10am PT (1pm ET)

ILC Program Overview

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