Solutions for Impact Investors

UpMetrics enables investment managers to meet investor demands for transparency with data dashboards that help you elevate reporting and demonstrate the impact of your investments.

Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Ensure you're making the impact you
set out to make - analyze and visualize data to learn and adjust your impact strategy.

Share Knowledge

Share Knowledge

Share engaging, customized dashboards, story collections, and goal trackers that update in real-time with key stakeholders.

Streamline Reporting

Streamline Reporting

Capture, analyze and report on data specific to your investment goals and targets.

Better data to help grow your impact and your bottom line

We've purpose-built a platform that empowers you to track and measure the impact driven by your investment portfolio, maximize the value of your investments, and provide accountability to your stakeholders. 

Establish goals, outcomes and KPIs and track towards progress.
Collect and centralize essential data from multiple sources.
Identify critical trends for data-driven decisioning.
Tell the story of your impact, backed by data.
Visualize your data in ways that make it actionable.
Streamline reporting for portfolio companies and other stakeholders.

"The ability to send metrics dashboards to investors without having to recreate them from scratch each time has been a game-changer."

"The UpMetrics team has been instrumental in helping us make surveys that are consistent so that we can use them year over year without recreating. The time saved has allowed us to concentrate more on our work with our Fellows and stakeholders.”

- Aaron Walker, CEO and Founder at Camelback Ventures

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People who do good work deserve great tools.

UpMetrics empowers Impact Investors around the world to maximize and accelerate their impact.

Are you ready to get started with impact measurement and management?

Resources to Help you Get Started

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