Investing in the Future

How Lime Rock New Energy's impact driven investment
strategy is boldly addressing the global climate crisis

By using UpMetrics to evaluate both the qualitative and quantitative impact metrics measured at their portfolio companies, LRNE aims to identify further opportunities for impact and ESG advancement.

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“For Lime Rock New Energy, streamlining our data collection process has not only saved time and energy for our team, but also improved the quality and depth of our reporting.”
- Mark Lewis, Managing Director, LRNE

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Challenges before UpMetrics

  • The team managed all impact measurement and ESG data internally via email outreach and Microsoft tools, which was difficult to manage year over year.

  • Challenging to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison across years.

  • No way to keep a consistent, high-quality data collection system to understand the progress of their portfolio companies.


After Engaging with UpMetrics

  • Able to provide their Limited Partners and other stakeholders with comprehensive impact data through a clear and updatable dashboard.
  • Easy to make data accessible across portfolio companies.
  • Updated processes have allowed them to increase the amount of impact data gathered.
  • Access to UpMetrics' team has been extremely valuable.

"Working alongside Remy has been invaluable to LRNE over the past year. He is passionate about his work, readily accessible, and provides thoughtful and honest insights that have improved the quality of our impact work at LRNE.

We are very pleased with our UpMetrics partnership and look forward to continuing to expand our impact reporting alongside Remy and team moving forward."

- Mark Lewis, Managing Director, LRNE