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UpMetrics' Impact Framework building tool is available for free as part of our IMM Suite Starter Plan!

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Introducing Impact Framework Builder

Studies show that organizations who have an Impact Framework are 3 times more likely to receive funding and support because they're able to easily and transparently demonstrate how they drive impact.

UpMetrics Framework Builder is designed to revolutionize how organizations measure and communicate their impact by providing a simple, easy and free tool for creating an Impact Framework.

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Key Features in our free IMM Suite Starter Plan:

Impact Framework Builder: Craft impact frameworks effortlessly with our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface and guided process.

Templates & Examples: Pre-built templates, Impact Framework examples, and our KII Library make it easy to get started and inspired.

Customizable Metrics: Tailor your impact metrics to align with your nonprofit's unique goals and objectives.

Export to PDF: Easily export completed frameworks to PDF in order to share internally and externally.

Freemium Access: Get a taste of the power of UpMetrics with free access to our Framework Builder functionality – no strings attached!