Accelerating Impact, Educating Youth

How America SCORES Chicago is unlocking their organization's
full potential through impact measurement & management

America SCORES Chicago is leveraging the capabilities of the UpMetrics platform to streamline reporting, data analysis, and impact measurement, increasing capacity of their small nonprofit office and unlocking fundraising opportunities for their unique mission of inspiring Chicago youth through soccer and poetry.
_Preview - America SCORES Case Study

"As a smaller org, without an evaluation staff person, the platform has cut our reporting time in at least half, if not more. It has also cut down on our need to contract external evaluators as the platform now does the more advanced analysis for us."

- Jess Mater, Director of Programs and Operations at America SCORES Chicago

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Challenges before UpMetrics

  • The system that tracked their student engagement data did not have full reporting
    capabilities, so they were unable to triangulate data and bring in data sets from multiple sources.

  • Data was stored in applications that were not integrated, making reporting inefficient.

After Engaging with UpMetrics

  • Able to speak on each of their programs’ objectives separately but also together to paint the picture of why such a holistic approach and program works.
  • Easier for Development Staff to pull information needed for grant submissions and external communications, freeing up Program Staff’s time.