Learning in Community:

How ICU Baby is using data to increase fundraising, improve critical programs, and communicate their story of impact.

 ICU Baby participated in several cohort programs with fellow Miami-based organizations, learning how to set up a proper impact data measurement system and making important connections within the community.
ICU Baby Spotlight
“I think of my UpMetrics system as Oz where I can just go onto my system and literally see feedback on the impact we're having."
- Beth Simonton, CEO at ICU Baby

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Challenges before UpMetrics

  • Experienced fundraising challenges catalyzed by the pandemic.

  • Needed to become more intentional about data collection and analysis.

  • Had gaps in their historical data and data they did have was not always clean.
  • The lack of a strategy in managing their impact data meant it was much harder to tell their organization's story effectively.


After Engaging with UpMetrics

  • Identified and captured key metrics which provided essential demographic information.
  • Ongoing data collection and dashboard updates provide real-time reporting on their impact on the Miami community.
  • Able to use their data to more effectively articulate the impact they are having, which helps them to improve fundraising and continue to provide quality programs.

"ICU Baby is doing critical work for the community. I am going to be able to do so much more for our community with access to these numbers. The dashboards and ease of accessibility to the data is so impressive."

- Beth Simonton, CEO at ICU Baby