UpMetrics Cohorts

UpMetrics' Cohort program provides a new approach to philanthropy that works more effectively for nonprofits and funders alike. By leveraging technology and community, cohort participants can collaboratively learn and measure towards meaningful and accelerated social change.

community building


Cultivate data-driven communities that collaborate and learn together towards success across geographies, issue areas, and key stakeholders.

quant + qual data


Leverage both quantitative and qualitative data to learn, improve, and effectively tell your story of impact.

success metrics


Enable multi-level goal tracking by measuring success metrics and KPIs across nonprofit, funder, and community levels.

A data-driven approach to advancing social impact

Data has the power to create lasting and impactful social change, but only when impact-seekers have access to it, know how to draw insights from it, and are empowered to use it to make effective decisions and tell their stories.

But we need more data talent and more data collaboration within mission-driven organizations for the social sector to fully benefit from today's data revolution.

Our Cohort programs enable foundations to support their nonprofit grantees through critical capacity-building around data skills and access to cutting-edge impact measurement software, while strengthening trust-based relationships through shared learning.

Meet changemakers where they are today, for a better tomorrow.
Build data-driven ecosystems that accelerate learning and impact.
Measure impact metrics across nonprofit, funder, and community levels.
Empower organizations to define and communicate their story of impact.
Help nonprofits build long-term capacity around data collection, analysis, and management.
Reimagine burdensome reporting across multiple stakeholder groups.

About our Cohort Programs

Our cohort model is an innovative way for foundations and grantees to leverage data, technology and community to learn, measure and evaluate towards effective systems-level change.

So, how does it work?

A foundation, or group of foundations, motivated to drive outcomes within a specific region or issue area can create a cohort, or join an existing cohort, by sponsoring 5 or more nonprofit grantees that have a strong desire to accelerate their impact by leveraging data more effectively.

The program provides nonprofit grantees and funders with access to the UpMetrics platform, as well as capacity-building training sessions, professional services to get up and running quickly, and UpMetrics-hosted shared learning sessions for 3 years.

How We Do It

What's Included in a Cohort Program


UpMetrics Technology

Funders and their sponsored grantees both receive access to the UpMetrics platform, while funders also receive select roll-up data from grantees.

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Managed Services

Participants will receive guided support around the development of impact frameworks and KPIs, data collection templates, dashboard building, and more.

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UpAcademy Sessions

Participants will be taught the fundamentals and best practices for data collection and analysis, well as how to leverage impact data to effectively tell your story.

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Community Insight Sessions

Participants will attend quarterly shared insight sessions between funders and grantees to discuss collective impact and progress towards goals facilitated by UpMetrics.

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Funder-Grantee Cohorts
Activated in 2022


Grantee NPOs
Enabled via Cohorts


Community Members Served
via Grantee NPOs

Cohort Program Overview

Download our one-pager to understand how you can get involved in one of our upcoming Cohort Programs.

Cohort one-pager graphic
ICU baby is doing critical work for the community. I am going to be able to do so much more for our community with access to these numbers. The dashboards and ease of accessibility to the data is so impressive.
Beth Simon
CEO, ICU Baby (Miami cohort)

Interested in co-sponsoring an existing Cohort or starting one of your own?

Complete the form to share a little about your organization and what you're looking to accomplish this year.

Foundations and other grantmakers:

You can choose to either sponsor your own Cohort or co-sponsor an existing Cohort.


Reach out to see how you can become a participating grantee in one of our sponsored Cohorts.


Nonprofits that participated in one of our cohorts and learned how to measure and communicate the impact of their programs using UpMetrics increased their funding by 55.8% year over year.

Cohort Program FAQs

Still have questions about our cohort programs? Feel free to reach out - we'd love to discuss how we can work together to drive collective impact!


What topics are covered in the UpAcademy sessions?

The UpMetrics Academy is a 3 year program that empowers Nonprofits with the knowledge and tools necessary to begin telling their organizational impact story. The program brings together Nonprofits and Funders to learn and grow in a community of peers. After each participant successfully completes Year 3, they will receive an UpMetrics digital certificate that can be shared via LinkedIn. The Foundation/Funder who sponsors the grantees will receive quarterly updates via an UpMetrics Cohort Overview dashboard, which details progress made by their nonprofit partners. 

Throughout the 3-year program built into the Build-Operate-Transfer phases, Thematic-based and Place-based Cohorts will explore different subject areas and class topics such as:

  • In-Person Workshops
  • Kickoff & Data Landscape Analysis
  • Impact Goal-Setting
  • Data Best Practices
  • Surveys & Qualitative Data
  • Building Metrics Dashboards
  • Building Advanced Metrics Dashboards
  • Community Indexing
  • Sharing Insights & Storytelling
  • Thematic Area Guest Speaking Events


What resources are available to grantees throughout the program?

The program provides grantees access to the UpMetrics platform, assignments to guide them through their data journey, 1:1 sessions with UpMetrics staff, community events to get to know their fellow grantees, as well as the full UpMetrics resource library. 

What makes a great grantee partner?
  1. Excitement and a commitment to leverage data to move your mission forward through learning, data driven decision making and storytelling

  2. Strong senior leadership that supports the partnership with UpMetrics

  3. An internal champion that's willing to lead the engagement - both internally across teams and externally with UpMetrics. Typically the internal champion works within one of the following focus areas: 
    1. Program Operations
    2. Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation
    3. Data & Analysis
    4. Development
What is the benefit for sponsoring foundations?
The Foundation/Funder who sponsors the grantees will receive quarterly updates via an UpMetrics Cohort Overview dashboard, which details progress made by their nonprofit partner. Sponsoring a Cohort program is a unique way for foundations to provide their grantees with capacity-building tech services and connect them with a community of like-minded peers, guaranteeing the long-term impact of their financial support. Not only can they measure their own impact using the UpMetrics platform, their grantees will also be able to do the same, and build impact measurement and data analytics systems that will only benefit them in the future. 
What is the benefit for sponsored grantees?

Our Cohorts help foundations and nonprofit grantees to develop critical data skills that enable them to understand, maximize, and communicate outcomes in real-time, while strengthening relationships with other mission-driven organizations through shared learning.

The program provides nonprofit grantees and funders with access to the UpMetrics platform, as well as capacity-building training sessions, professional services to get up and running quickly, and UpMetrics-hosted shared learning sessions for 3 years.

How long does a typical Cohort run for?

A typical Cohort will run for 3 years to align with our services-supported Build, Operate, Transfer model.

Year 1 - Build
  • Strategic KPI development
  • Data structuring and gathering
  • Dashboard builds and data visualization
  • Qualitative data gathering
  • Historic data alignment
Year 2 - Operate
  • Regular dashboard updates, data gathering & transformation of new data
  • Regular updates to data collection and ingestion tools
  • Interface with IT teams for technology alignment
Year 3 - Transfer
  • Transition of dashboard creation and maintenance
  • Transition of data gathering and maintenance operations
  • Transition of platform administration
Do nonprofit grantees get access to the full UpMetrics platform functionality?

Sponsored nonprofit grantees will receive access to the UpMetrics features that are critical for measuring the impact of their programs and communicating that impact to their grantors and community stakeholders.

  • Data Collection and Management
  • Integrated Community Indexing Data
  • Data Analysis & Dashboards
  • Simplified Reporting

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