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We help grantmakers streamline and enhance the impact measurement capabilities of their nonprofit grantees, using innovative approaches, purpose-built technology, and our signature impact framework methodology.

Impact Measurement

Measure your Impact

Analyze outcomes and measure your impact on the communities and causes you champion.

Data Optimization

Simplify Reporting

Simplify data collection, and centralize quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources in one place.

Empower Grantees

Empower Grantees

Shift funder-grantee power dynamics towards equity and collaborative learning, and make data actionable for grantees.

Measure & Maximize your Impact

Foundations play a critical role in supporting the hard work of the charitable and not-for-profit sector. Modern foundations are taking advantage of technology and new processes to improve collaboration with grantees, measure the outcomes driven by their funding, and to maximize their social impact.

UpMetrics' intuitive yet powerful platform makes it easy for foundations to measure their impact using qualitative and quantitative data, drive continuous learning and improvement internally and across partners, and more effectively share their story of impact with the world.

Because better data = bigger impact.

Build an impact framework that maps your Mission to Key Impact Indicators (KIIs).
Collect and centralize essential data from multiple sources.
Identify critical trends for data-driven decisioning.
Tell the story of your impact, backed by data.
Visualize your data in ways that make it actionable.
Streamline reporting for grantees and other stakeholders.
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Build an Impact Framework for Free!

Impact Framework Builder has officially launched!

Register for our free Starter Plan to begin defining an Impact Framework for your organization.

IMM Suite Plans for Foundations

Upgrade to our full IMM Suite to unlock the full Define, Collect, Analyze and Leverage functionality within UpMetrics.

We offer a range of product plans designed to meet the distinct needs of foundations, regardless of their size. Whether you're a small community foundation or a large-scale organization, our customizable solutions ensure that you get the tools and support you need to thrive.

How we Partner with Foundations

Capacity-Building Cohorts

Our cohort model is an innovative way for foundations and their nonprofit grantees to leverage data, technology and community to learn, measure and evaluate towards systems change.


Direct Partnership

By partnering with us directly, your team will receive UpMetrics platform access, a dedicated project team, and tailored services that quickly get you up and running.
Case Study

Foglia Family Foundation is Empowering Nonprofits with Impact Measurement to Create Sustainable Change

"The opportunity to make an immediate impact on our grantees by providing them with impact measurement tools, while also helping them to become more financially sustainable in the long run, was very exciting to our team. Working with UpMetrics has made the process of becoming data-driven seamless."

- Ann Schirk, Foundation Administrator at the Foglia Family Foundation


Foglia Family Foundation Case Study
Case Study

How the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Uses a Learning Mindset to Support Grantees in Measuring Impact

"I don't think it's a good use of our dollars to ask grantees to spend their time on reporting. We want them to spend their time doing what they do well - doing what we're funding them to do!

So we really have to ask big questions and think about how we actually free them up to do their best work. Ultimately, we're pushing ourselves to try new things to really disrupt the system."

- Jessica Mindnich, Senior Director at Kauffman Foundation


People who do good work
deserve the best tools.

UpMetrics empowers Foundations around the world to easily measure and maximize their impact.

Are you ready to get started with impact measurement and management?

Resources to Help You Get Started

Visit our Resources Page to discover how to keep your data strategies on track,
the latest trends in impact measurement, and to gain inspiration from your peers.
Foundation Impact

4 Key Steps to Start Analyzing Your Foundation’s Impact


A Lesson in Responsive Grantmaking: Schultz Family Foundation

Purposeful Collaboration

Purposeful Collaboration is The Key to Drive Results

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