Impact Accelerator Initiative

Supporting 25,000 Nonprofits with Free Technology and Tools that Accelerate Impact

What is the Impact Accelerator Initiative?

In coordination with UpMetrics' recent 3.0 product release, the Impact Accelerator Initiative provides the nonprofit community free access to our platform and resources to develop an Impact Framework, as well as share their Impact Framework with other organizations to support collective learning and mission-aligned impact on a larger scale.

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The goal?

Help 25,000 nonprofit organizations build out impact frameworks at absolutely no cost to them by the end of 2024.

Why is this important?

Empowering the nonprofit community with the resources to more easily own, manage, and share their success measures - both pre- and post-grant award - will improve their ability to make data-driven decisions, attract mission-aligned capital, and inspire others to support or join their cause.

How will we achieve our goal?

To execute on this vision we are asking funders, participating nonprofits, and other mission-driven organizations to partner with us (at no cost) to share and make this program available to nonprofits within their network.

Nonprofits Receive

  • Free access to technology that simplifies and guides them through the process of building an Impact Framework

  • On-demand Impact Framework consultations with an Impact Measurement & Management specialist

  • Access to templates and themed examples via the UpMetrics Impact Framework Library

  • The ability to publish their validated Impact Framework to our searchable Impact Framework Library

  • Facilitated connections to mission-aligned impact funders 

Funders Receive

  • Ability to support the nonprofit community by sharing free resources that empower grantees to measure and tell their story of impact

  • Opportunity to lean into trust-based philanthropy, collaborating with and supporting nonprofits based on shared impact goals

  • Ability to easily identify mission-aligned organizations via a searchable Library of Impact Frameworks

  • Invitation to join one of our Impact Learning Collectives to collaborate with organizations focused on similar impact issue areas and discuss "best in class" impact approaches
  • Organization name and logo listed as an Impact Accelerator Partner on the UpMetrics website

How to Participate & Support the Initiative


Register for Free Technology Access

To access our Impact Framework Builder technology, click below to register for our free IMM Suite Starter Plan.

👉 Please note: Our IMM Suite Starter Plan is a free forever product, providing unlimited access to a subset of our full IMM Suite functionality at no cost. To unlock the complete IMM Suite functionality, you may upgrade at any time.

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Share the Good News

Use our Impact Accelerator Partner Kit to promote this free resource to anyone and everyone in your network.

The Kit includes email templates, graphics, an a one-pager so that it's easy to share with grantees, fellow nonprofits, and anyone else who could benefit from this technology.

Impact Framework Builder

How does an Impact Framework actually help?

Impact Frameworks empower nonprofits to measure, manage, and communicate outcomes in order to accelerate the impact of their mission.

Measure Impact:

  • Prioritizes the most critical information that aligns to a delivery model / purpose
  • Starts to create data infrastructure towards action and inspiration

Manage Impact:

  • Drives ongoing team alignment around strategy, priorities, and performance

Communicate Impact:

  • Helps clearly communicate delivery model, goals and story to external partners
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