What Happens When You Approach Collaboration with Intention: Part Two

To achieve the highly beneficial outcomes of collaboration requires a strategic approach, with all stakeholders entering the situation with firm goals and expectations as well as shared trust. This intentionality is more important to success than even the desire of both sides to drive impact when resources are scarce. As Kaci Y. Patterson highlights: “Collaboration needs to be rooted in data with clearly articulated goals and staff that can collect data connecting the dots for all parties and communicating out results. Then all stakeholders have the data needed to make informed decisions together, best utilizing their individual expertise and resources.“
Join Kaci, chief architect of the Black Equity Collective in Los Angeles and Stephen Minix, Managing Director at UpMetrics and an active participant engaged across numerous LA-based nonprofits, as they dive into the important role trust plays in successful partnerships and the role of data in developing new collaborative efforts that truly make the impact desired.