Building Capacity Beyond the Grant: Strengthen Relationships and Drive Action Today

Trust based relationships begin with a conversation around capacity. 

Without an understanding of the tools and resources available to grantees, it will be extremely difficult to gain clarity around the true impact of your programs because you may not be able to collect the meaningful data required to translate activity into measurable impact.

In this webinar, you will learn how the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation of Louisiana is strengthening relationships with grantees like Line4Line by focusing on support strategies that take their capacity into consideration. The result? Maximum impact in their communities.

This webinar features Annie Rhodes from UpMetrics speaking with a panel featuring Micheal McElveen from UpMetrics, Chloe Wiley from The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation and grantee partner Lucy Perera from Line 4 Line about how they are working together to optimize the impact of the capacity building grant awarded to Line 4 Line.