Bridging the Gap: How Data Can Align Providers and Funders to Drive Impact

Data empowers providers to build capacity, drive program design, and increase access to funding. Meanwhile, access to data helps funders evaluate programs and understand the true impact of the funds they are giving to grantees.

By providing staff with tools to collect engagement data on the frontlines, providers and funders can use data as a common language and work together to provide quality programs to participants.

​In this webinar, we share a case study from Atlanta to demonstrate how providers, foundations, and districts are coming together around data to drive impact. 

Featured guests include:
  • Julia M. Lankford, Atlanta Program Officer, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA
  • Marvin Hightower, Executive Director, The First Tee of Atlanta
  • Stephen Minix, Director of K-12 Solutions, UpMetrics

Duration: Approximately 35 minutes

Learn more about how UpMetrics can align funding sources with grantees:

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