Measure and showcase the positive social impact of your work

UpMetrics' impact measurement and management platform helps purpose-driven organizations maximize positive social outcomes by making it easy to collect and use data to measure, improve, and report on impact - then share their story with the world.

How We Help

Measure, Maximize, and Communicate
your Impact with Ease

Impact Measurement Strategy

Easily design and manage impact frameworks to measure performance across impact themes.

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Data Collection & Management

Streamline data capture and management with powerful tools and integrations that centralize data in one place.

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Real-Time Analytics
& Benchmarking

Track outcomes and make data-driven decisions with user-friendly dashboards that update in real-time.

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Streamlined Reporting & Sharing

Data visualizations simplify reporting and make it easy to demonstrate and share your story of impact.

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Why UpMetrics

We Make it Easy to Use Data for Good

Amplify your Impact

At UpMetrics, we believe that data has the power to create lasting and impactful social change only when impact-seekers have access to it, can derive insights from it, and are empowered to act on it.

Our platform helps you breeze through the busywork of managing and reporting on social impact programs so you can focus more of your time and effort on making a difference.

Centralize data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth.
Provide accountability and transparency by showcasing the results of your work.
Powerful data visualizations help you quickly understand and interpret impact data.
Tell compelling, contextual impact stories that inspire action and investment.
Use insights to make decisions, refine strategies, & improve impact outcomes.
Engage stakeholders with clear and accurate reporting, completed in half the time.
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How We Do It

UpMetrics' Impact Measurement Methodology

Our impact measurement and management methodology, known as DeCAL, provides a step-by-step process for strategically evaluating and communicating the effectiveness of your programs, initiatives and interventions.

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Our experts work with you to design your Impact Framework, enabling you to accurately measure performance and community contribution across your primary impact themes.



Use customizable data capture tools, surveys, and integrations to collect, consolidate, and manage all relevant data into one centralized location, creating a single source of truth.



Compelling data visualizations that update in real-time help you quickly understand and interpret impact data and track ongoing progress towards your goals or against industry benchmarks.



Use dashboards and other data visualizations to drive effective decision-making, simplify reporting, demonstrate outcomes across key performance metrics, and tell your story of impact.

Case Study

Sonen Capital is Leading the Way in Creating a Data-Fueled Future for Impact Investing

“We’re already seeing billions of dollars move toward solving problems around sustainability, climate emissions, and equality, but without some accountability in the form of impact measurement, how do investors know what’s really worth investing in, and what just looks good on paper?”

- Will Morgan, Head of Impact at Sonen Capital

Case Study

Foglia Family Foundation is Empowering Nonprofits with Impact Measurement to Create Sustainable Change

"The opportunity to make an immediate impact on our grantees by providing them with impact measurement tools, while also helping them to become more financially sustainable in the long run, was very exciting to our team. Working with UpMetrics has made the process of becoming data-driven seamless."

- Ann Schirk, Foundation Administrator at the Foglia Family Foundation

People who do good work
deserve the best tools.

UpMetrics empowers mission-driven organizations around the world to maximize and accelerate their impact.

Are you ready to get started with impact measurement and management?

Accelerating Impact, Together

UpMetrics' Cohort Programs and Impact Learning Collectives

We believe in the power of community.

Our Cohort Programs and Impact Learning Collectives (ILCs) provide the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of fellow visionaries who share your dedication to driving social progress.

It's a chance to build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals, trade best practices and learn from one another’s experiences, and amplify the collective impact of our efforts so that we can drive meaningful change together.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

What Customers Say About UpMetrics

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Partnering with UpMetrics has made our impact analysis work possible. This information is essential in our normal, daily operations but even more critical during this time of crisis. With impact data, we are able to quickly identify needs and respond to support the local community.

James Lopez III LADF
James Lopez III
Manager, Strategy and Impact, ​Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation
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We wanted to be able to know that we were making an impact, and we wanted to be learning with grantees and the community.

Ultimately, our partnership with UpMetrics supports our grantees’ ongoing learning, which in turn enables them to share more meaningful information and insights with us in place of traditional reporting.

Jessica Mindnich
Jessica Mindnich
Senior Director, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
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I am obsessed with our new dashboard and have been telling EVERYONE! I love so many things about it: 1. The Overview of Responses is a great addition to this year, thank you so much for including it. 2. Being able to filter the data in different ways has been so enlightening. 3. It's super easy to read and follow despite being a ton of data, amazing job organizing this. 4. Having qualitative data included is awesome! 5. You've just made my job reporting out on our outcomes A MILLION TIMES EASIER! Thank you!

Allison Ambrozy Oakland Lacrosse
Allison Ambrozy
Director of Operations, Oakland Lacrosse Club
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Working with UpMetrics has been such a smooth process. The sales and data team have been responsive to our unique needs, and have allowed multiple opportunities for feedback. This has resulted in a more individualized product and experience.

Susan Klumpner
Dr. Susan Klumpner
Executive Director, The ACE Project
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UpMetrics provides a data-driven approach to understanding the collective community impact that is being accomplished by our grantees.

Janelle Ray
Janelle Elizabeth Ray
CEO, Pallottine Foundation of Huntington
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The ability to send metrics dashboards to investors without having to recreate them from scratch each time has been a game-changer.

The UpMetrics team has been instrumental in helping us make surveys that are consistent so that we can use them year over year without recreating. The time saved has allowed us to concentrate more on our work with our Fellows and stakeholders.

Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker
CEO and Founder, Camelback Ventures
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ICU baby is doing critical work for the community. I am going to be able to do so much more for our community with access to these numbers. The dashboards and ease of accessibility to the data is so impressive.

Beth Simonton
Beth Simonton
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Some people think proving investment impact must be simple, but it’s not. If you’re going to make an intentional effort to create a specific change, it takes a thoughtful strategy coupled with robust impact reporting capabilities. UpMetrics has been a true partner in helping us simplify our impact data collection practices, and visualize our growing body of impact data - and thus measure the extent to which we’re achieving our intentions.

Will Morgan
Will Morgan
Managing Director & Head of Impact, Sonen Capital
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UpMetrics allows us the opportunity to not only look at the numbers but really intentional about sharing our story and really getting people to understand that human testimony is assessment... It's data with a soul!

Marcus Strother
Marcus Strother
President & CEO, MENTOR California
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We're so thankful that UpMetrics solved all of our data problems and is allowing us to really re-think our best work here in Kansas City.

Maggie Klos
Maggie Klos
Systems & Innovation Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City
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We use quantitative data a lot in presentations, but ultimately, what does it mean? It goes beyond the numbers. That's, for me, the big thing - the qualitative piece. I think when you couple that with other metrics, you begin to see the whole picture. We want to be able to tell our story in a more complete way.

David Solo
David Solo
CEO, Special Olympics Northern California
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If we didn't have access to UpMetrics, compiling and preparing our reporting would be significantly more burdensome. They have a great team and we are very happy with the platform.

Mark Lewis - Lime Rock New Energy
Mark Lewis
Managing Director, Lime Rock New Energy
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UpMetrics helps us in a variety of ways from assessing the effectiveness of new initiatives, monitoring trends in our impact over time, and supports our fundraising efforts/reporting for funders. Without UpMetrics all of these things would be harder, and some of them we might not be able to do at all.

Zachary Freeman - Attendance Works
Zachary Freeman
Director of Finance and Operations, Attendance Works
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The visualized image data has allowed us to share information with our partners in a more streamlined way. Gone are the days of creating Excel pivot tables, now we send a dashboard link to our partners which they know will be updated monthly.

Matt McKeever - Markle Foundation
Matt McKeever
Chief of Staff & Sr. Manager - Evaluation, Markle Foundation

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