Equity-Driven Capacity Building in Action

How the National Bankers Association Foundation is
Democratizing Finance Through Community Empowerment

With a goal to empower mission-driven banks to leverage their own data to drive their impact narrative, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting the sector that will lead to increased financial inclusion for all. 

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 “The greatest benefit to having a dedicated team alongside this platform is that we are able to respond to questions, concerns, or suggestions from participating banks in real-time.”
- Anthony Barr, Research and Impact Director, National Bankers Association

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Challenges before UpMetrics

  • Too much reliance on spreadsheets.

  • No opportunity to leverage their data for dashboards and other forms of data visualization.

  • Growing demand and burden of data reporting both internally and for the institutions they support, with no sustainable reporting process.


After Engaging with UpMetrics

  • Able to make critical insights from their data much more easily, and drive attention to the MDI sector. 
  • Their partner MDIs are using the platform regularly and leveraging data for compliance and to tell their story of impact. 
  • Institutional investors are using the data to understand the level and areas of impact being driven by their investments.

"This partnership with UpMetrics addresses several pain points simultaneously and provides a seamless path to robust data reporting and compelling data visualization."

- Nicole Elam, President and CEO, National Bankers Association