Data-Driven Community Response

How the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation is using data to support vulnerable Angelenos during Covid-19 and beyond.

Challenges before UpMetrics

  • LADF's data was not centralized and scattered across many systems.
  • Could not easily access public data to give context to their impact on the Los Angeles community.
  • Challenging to track their progress over time and understand the long-term impact of their programs.
  • There was no easy way to share reports externally, especially when incorporating qualitative data.



After Engaging with UpMetrics

  • Able to integrate and centralize data from multiple sources into the UpMetrics platform.
  • Incorporated relevant publicly-available data to give context to LADF’s impact across different L.A. neighborhoods.
  • Leveraging dashboards and other data visualizations to track progress towards goals.           
  • Using the UpMetrics knowledge database to collect and organize compelling stories from the field.
  • Leveraging UpMetrics' sharing tools, LADF can easily update donors and stakeholders with a compelling story of their impact on an ongoing basis.

"Partnering with UpMetrics has made our impact analysis work possible. This
information is essential in our normal, daily operations but even more critical during this time of crisis. With impact data, we are able to work with local partners to quickly identify needs and respond to support the local community."


- James Lopez, Manager, Strategy and Impact at LA Dodgers Foundation

With the systems already in place, LADF looked to the UpMetrics platform to inform their response to COVID-19. The UpMetrics dashboards are helping LADF to prioritize their resources and ensure they are serving the most vulnerable communities. 
LA Dodgers Case Study Preview-1
Looking forward, LADF wants to make sure everyone on the team feels empowered to use the UpMetrics platform to enhance their work. 

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