Using Data to Drive More Impactful Funding: Introducing Our New & Improved IMM Suite

Laptop with Impact Framework 800x600
Measuring Impact & Leveraging Data Just Got Easier

The philanthropic community is invited to watch a live presentation of UpMetrics' all-new Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) Suite. 

Learn how our new and improved platform will help you build a sustainable impact framework and extract extraordinary insights from your data - which you can then use to drive more impactful funding for the organizations you support (as a funder) or the programs you're delivering (as a nonprofit). 

We’ll cover:

  • Everything that's new in the platform 
  • How data can help illuminate your funding (or fundraising) strategy
  • Our brand new and *forever free* Impact Framework Builder
  • New features and functionality coming soon
  • And more!

Watch the On-Demand Recording: