On-Demand Webinar

Impact Learning Collectives Info Session

What are Impact Learning Collectives (ILCs)?

Impact Learning Collectives are an innovative and dynamic approach to learning and collaboration, offered exclusively to UpMetrics Customers - free of charge!

They bring together UpMetrics clients from across the nation that are dedicated to making a positive impact within the same impact focus area. They aim to transform how these organizations share ideas, collaborate on effective solutions, and measure progress towards achieving systems-level change.

Here's what you can expect from ILCs:

✅ Shared Learning: Engage in collective knowledge sharing and learning, benefiting from the wisdom and experience of a diverse group of mission-driven peers and leaders.

✅ Collaborating to Drive Change: Drive meaningful change by working collaboratively with other organizations that share your focus of broader and more sustainable impact.

✅  Connection & Inspiration: ILCs meet quarterly for virtual learning and inspiration sessions, but will be connected year-round via UpMetrics-facilitated collaboration forums.