Rethinking Reporting

How to Apply a Learning Mindset to your Data to Increase your Impact

Many mission-driven organizations lack sufficient resources to efficiently manage data collection and reporting, which puts pressure on staff and systems during quarterly and annual reporting periods and takes valuable time away from delivering on programs.

But reporting is not just a box to check - it is a learning opportunity. 

This is why we believe it’s time to rethink reporting - shifting from a focus on data collection and reporting on what's been done to date, to an ongoing knowledge-building effort where the focus is on understanding and learning from data in order to gain a deeper understanding of what's contributing most effectively towards achievement of goals and illuminating new areas for growth and optimization.

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Download our guide to learn how you can rethink reporting at your organization and get more from your data by embracing a learning mindset.

Table of Contents:
  • Why it's Time for a Reporting Rethink

  • How to Embrace a Learning Mindset

  • Putting your Learning Mindset into Practice, including Examples from Various Impact Organizations

  • How to Get Started


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