How to Make Data Actionable

There is more data available to social impact organizations today than ever before. However, despite this abundance of data there has been limited focus on training mission-driven organizations on how to leverage this data and re-organize their processes and systems to be more data-driven.

The result is an inability to take full advantage of the insights that data can offer, including making more data-driven decisions and discovering opportunities to accelerate and maximize impact. 

How to Make Data Actionable Cover

Download our comprehensive guide to learn how to use your data to drive strategic action, regardless of where you are in your data journey.

Part One - How to Make Data Actionable

Explore ways your organization can set itself up to be able to utilize the data available to you - a crucial first step and an important ongoing exercise to ensure you're applying an equitable lens to your data collection.

Part Two - How to Use data to Drive Action

Learn how you can be putting your data to work, using the information available to you to build stronger programs and inspire further action in four key areas - equity, collaboration, optimization, and storytelling.

Part Three - Use Cases of Data Driving Action

Learn how impact-focused peer organizations are using data to accomplish inspiring work.

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